Koen Noordenbos, Dutch artist and founder of Koema, has an unrestrained love for waste materials. Working from his studio at the largest thrift store depot in Delft, he is surrounded by an infinite supply of second-hand products and materials… read more

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All pieces for our short cirquit line are made out of PCB’s (printed ciquit boards) which are found in practically all electronic devices.

The beautifull patterns of the copper etchings inspired me to intergrate them as decorative paterns that can be found on the front side of the pieces while little sparkles of copper can be found shining out throug all sides.

The rings where made by laminating pieces together. Which made it possible to experiment with the different colors of the PCB’s substrate, ranging from yellowish to dark brown. While in the light the slightly translucant quality of the substrate gives away and shows a marbelish hue.